Centurion Cx1 5w


Pure Performance

These clubs are the product of more than a year of intensive design, and engineering. Through this process, we have created a clubs that represent our brand, and what we are all about.  We set out to make the highest performing clubs, with the highest quality components, at prices that are approachable to both the weekend warrior, and the competitive players alike.  

All of our clubs have been developed with performance in mind, and we have been testing our clubs against the very top of the competitors' lineups, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.  Our objective is simple, we want to take strokes off of your game as soon as you start playing Centurion clubs, and we know from experience that it will happen!



Beta titanium hitting faces are the foundation of all of our woods. We can say that we have MAX CT and MAX COR, as governed by the USGA, but our face designed for max distance, especially on off center hits.  Also, through the fine-tuning of our driver design, we realized that we could make a significant improvement of the club's aerodynamics by incorporating two air channels into the club's sole design.  This results in faster swing speeds, which also translate to longer drives. The finished product is a club that will compete with any driver on the market, at a much more reasonable cost.  


Oversized Grips

Part of our signature club design has always included larger grips.  We tested over 20 different grips with different patterns/thicknesses/materials, and our final design won by a landslide.  The result is a grip that will give you instant confidence when squaring up the ball.  Also great for those that have joint pain, or weak grips, but overall, we know that you will be impressed with the feel! 


Club Specifications

Fairway Woods/Utilities
Club Loft Length Lie Head Weight Swing Weight Dexterity
3w 15 43.5" 59 215g D0 RH
5w 18 42.5" 59 225g D0 RH
Utility 21 40.25" 60 235g D0 RH


Shaft Specifications

Fairway graphite shaft      
Flex Torque Weight Kick Point Tip Diameter
Regular 4.5 86g Mid or high kick point 8.55
Stiff 4.5 87g Mid or high  kick point 8.55
X-Stiff 4.5 88g Mid or high kick point 8.55


Our Promise

Our philosophy has been, and will always be summed up with two words: Customer First. You, as the customer, are the most important component of our business, and you will always be a person, not an order number to us.  We want to grow this brand largely with our customers' inputs, and we want to be the clubs, and company that you are proud to play on the weekends.  We are always going to opt for the best, most well thought out components for all of our clubs, and you can purchase with confidence knowing that no shortcuts, or cost-shaving measures were taken in the name of profits.  We stand behind all of our customers, and clubs, and love all of the customer feedback that we have been receiving.  


Why aren't there pros playing Centurion Clubs?

We have made the decision to not pay pros millions of dollars per year to play our clubs, because that would be inconsistent with our goal of providing the highest quality clubs, at the best possible prices.  Although, we have now had several pros reach out to us with interest, so, if any pros want to play Centurion clubs, we would be happy to have you!


What's in the Box

  • Club
  • Head Cover