How Long Will it take to get my clubs?

Every club that we sell you is a club that we have in hand, so our target is everything ships within one business day. We don't like waiting when we order something we are excited about, and we don't think you do either. We do not believe in having customers fund production, and then wait forever to get clubs, that is not what we are about.

Also, because of the awkward size of the clubs, everything ships USPS priority, so that means 1-3 day delivery times in the USA.  


What stores carry Centurion Clubs?

We have made the decision to only sell directly to consumers through our website.  This model is critical for us to achieve our goal of providing the best quality clubs, at the best possible prices.  By cutting out the middle man, we do not have to live with the 100% markup that retailers demand. 


No pros play your clubs, can they really be any good?

Absolutely!  We have made the decision to not pay pros millions of dollars per year to play our clubs, because that would be inconsistent with our goal of providing the highest quality clubs, at the best possible prices.  We encourage private testing against the very top of each manufacturer's club lineup, we have seen the results, and we sleep soundly knowing that we are providing big value to our customers.  


Will these clubs make me a better golfer?

While we are hesitant to say any piece of equipment will make someone a better golfer, we do know that these are among the highest quality clubs that money can buy, and that sure doesn't hurt!  The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and we love hearing the success stories!


Why should I play Centurion Clubs?  

We make the promise to you that you are getting the highest quality clubs, for the best possible prices, anywhere.  These clubs are a product of years of design, and engineering, and the end result are some of the best performing clubs that money can buy.  


What if I don't like the clubs?

We do have a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee policy.  Though, we do ask you to spend time with the club, and hit some balls before making a decision.  All clubs are a little different, and we know that once you get into a rhythm with these clubs, you will love them!

However, if after spending time with the clubs, we can take them back as a return, as long as there is no damage to the clubs.  Like new clubs can be returned at the address below, and once processed, we will process an refund, minus a 20% restocking fee.  


 Contact Information

Please contact us at, and we will respond as soon as possible.